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Exploring Unschooling
by Pam Laricchia

Fare of the Free Child
by Akilah Richards

Supporting Unschooling
by Amy Childs

Stories of An Unschooling Family
by Sue Elvis


More about Parenting:

Marji Zintz

Whatever Amen
by Amy Childs

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What is Unschooling
by Pam Laricchia

Unschooling Your Teen
by Sue Patterson

Homeschooled Teens
by Sue Patterson

Unschooling Guides

Full color mini-magazines on various topics

New to Unschooling
NOT Back to School
Unschooling During a Quarantine!
Typical Unschooling Day
“Am I Doing Enough?”
Learning to Read... the unschooling way
Learning to Write... the unschooling way
Learning Math... the unschooling way
Technology & Unschoolers
Brainstorming Time
available for $10 each here


Unschooling a Teen?
​Here's the reassurance you need!
More info at the
Homeschooled Teens 
or order at Amazon.
65% of the young people interviewed were unschoolers!
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Looking for Community?

Find Your Peeps!

If you're looking for ways to meet unschoolers in real life, we have a collection of groups here.

Creating Confidence Community

Sue Patterson runs a group coaching program for parents at various places in their unschooling journey. Connect with Sue and with so many other parents who are creating a community and growing their confidence together!
She opens the doors to the community in August, January, and May! It's only $30/month!