Getting Started Unschooling

Getting Started UnschoolingReady to Dive In?

Unschooling is not a one-size-fits-all for the kids - or for YOU! So you can do this a lot of different ways.

You may find that you learn best through the DIY way. We have so many free PDFs and inexpensive resources to help you get the information you need!

Some parents like to learn with others nearby, sharing ideas and stories of what works and what doesn't. The Creating Confidence Membership Group and the UM2M Support/Resources subscription may be more your speed!

Other's prefer 1:1 attention - it certainly is the fastest approach for getting over your own obstacles and getting questions answered. This is available too!



Quick Checklist for New Unschoolers
Download FREE PDF with links to resources!

New Unschooler Checklist
(downloadable with links)



Next Steps...

Get more information.

If you're good at self-discipline - hooray! DIY types will find this website to be a goldmine of information. It's FULL of articles I've hand-selected for you!
Use the nav bars at the top and bottom of the pages to find the topics you want to dive into!
The link at the bottom has a bunch of resource links to tap into as well.

The Jumping Into Unschooling Course may be just what you're looking for. This self-paced course has four modules with videos, handouts, links and resources - everything you need! You'll emerge from this course ready to begin your unschooling journey!


Stay connected.

Sometimes everything is going smoothly and we think we don't need to read about unschooling or have resources close at hand. Then Real Life pops in, we hit a bump - or the kids simply move into a new phase we kind of didn't prepare for - and we think "Oh man! Unschooling is not working!" More often than not, you needed a little more deschooling or you needed a few more people to toss some ideas your way about how to solve various obstacles.

It's kind of like exercise. You don't feel like doing it because you feel you're in pretty good shape... until you're not. Then you wish you had been doing a little at a time all along. The good news is that strengthening that unschooling foundation can be done without any expensive equipment or shoes! And you can do it in the comfort of your home - maybe even while you're still in your jammies having coffee each morning. Reading a little, listening to podcasts, watching a video here and there... that's all it takes!

If you get distracted and wouldn't mind some reminders to stay on track with learning more about unschooling and how it can work for your family, I have inexpensive private groups that might be a good fit.

Creating Confidence Group Coaching

Perfect Course for New Unschoolers
Topics include Most Asked Questions from New Unschoolers

I just want you to be successful at this!

which is why I keep creating all these variations of ways to help! 


Want ALL the Resources?

After years and years of helping families navigate their way to unschooling, I've finally collected all that I have to offer in one place!

Here's a handy PDF full of additional links for resources designed for new unschoolers!