Unschooling Support

3 Choices for Unschooling Support!

Free Social Media

Whether you're a Facebook fan or an Instagrammer, we can connect there for more unschooling inspiration!


UM2M Support Group

So many have asked for a place where unschoolers can talk more freely, asking questions and getting support on their unschooling journey. That's what this is for! And... so many resources to help you with unschooling!

  • Free-flowing Q & A in private FB group
  • Monthly FB Livestream #AMA
  • In the News weekly email
  • Monthly Unschooling Guides
  • Monthly Unschool Strewing Calendar
  • Monthly Worksheets for Parents
  • Fun Resources for every subject
  • Vault of Links to articles of interest
  • Celebrating Wins!

Only $5/month!

Creating Confidence Membership Group

Even more connection and support for parents who are dedicated to learning more about how to make unschooling work for their family. Each week, we have a group video conferencing call to check in,  help each other with questions, offer coaching and suggestions. It's recorded, in case you can't make the time slot. If you're feeling isolated, this is the group for you. Lot's of benefits:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Weekly FB Livestream¬†
  • Daily WhatsApp Connection
  • Online coaching in FB group
  • Monthly Workshop or
  • Guest Speaker
  • Worksheet Walk-Throughs
    with Sue
  • All the benefits from
    UM2M Support/Resources

Only $20/month!

Get the Support
You're Looking For!

Some communities have a lot of unschoolers - others not so much.

But thanks to the internet, we can help you feel supported in your unschooling journey!

Unschooling Mom2Mom has created three different levels of support. All three will give you access to resources and solid unschooling information.

The difference is the level of support from Unschooling Coach, Sue Patterson.

Choose whatever works best for you!
Knowledge + Support