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The NOT Back To School Guide – by Sue Patterson
Creating confidence in unschooling and learning all the time!

It’s (NOT) Back to School time, and for many of us, it’s when the worries come up! I want to walk you through what may be a really uncomfortable season for you and/or the kids. You may be new at this and feeling under-confident in general. Or this may be something that pops up for you year after year. So let’s conquer this one together in this 25-page full-color guide.

We have a lot of opportunities for self-reflection this time. When fears and worries come up, we need to pull back the curtains and get a good look at what’s back there! I’m right here with you as we figure it all out!

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Learning to Read – Unschooling Guides by Sue Patterson
How Unschoolers Learn to Read – Without Lesson Plans, Curriculum, or Timelines

Even if your child is already reading, this 25-page full-color guide contains prompts and suggestions to try and Q&As from real unschooling parents who have been there. This guide will also help you in your own deschooling process.
It’s amazing how many conditioned ideas lurk in the back of our minds.
Reading this through and following the suggested links may dislodge some of those ideas that are no longer serving you.




Learning Math – Unschooling Guides by Sue Patterson
How Unschoolers Learn About Math – Without Lesson Plans, Curriculum, or Timelines

How many times have I heard someone say, “I like unschooling – but we’re going to use a math curriculum…because, you know, it’s MATH!” This 30-page guide will ease your mind on the topic of unschooling math. Math is all around us, every single day. It’s just waiting for us to notice! I’d like to help you see that math is simply a beautiful language full of tools, and solutions to problems that are woven throughout our lives. Listen to unschooling voices who’ve written to help you understand that math is nothing to fear.




Technology – Unschooling Guides by Sue Patterson
Fear About Our Kids’ Access to Technology: How Much is “Too Much”?

Technology is one of those hot-button issues. It can spark all kinds of fear in parents! This 20-page guide will answer your questions, like:
Are they on their devices too much?
How much IS too much?
I want to be a good parent, but… what do I do?

One of the biggest things that can distract us from the joys of unschooling seems to be our kids’ use of technology. This guide is here to help you figure out what could work in your home.