Unschooling Guides help you with challenging areas!

Sometimes we're tripped up by a particular topic when we're unschooling or if we're considering unschooling as an option. Now you can access answers to all the questions you have on various topics/issues... and sometimes even some of the questions you hadn't even considered (yet!)
These Unschooling Guides will save you hours and hours of internet searches - but more importantly, the reassurance and relief you're looking for!

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20 in 2020

Would you like some PRACTICAL ideas for how to unschool in 2020?

This guide, formatted a little differently - is a 43-page beautiful full-color guide. It has a built-in workbook to help you customize your unschooling adventures for the next year!

For those of us who love planners, this is perfect!
And finally a Planner for Unschoolers.

Because the idea of "20" is fun for the new year, here's what's inside:

  • 20 topics to explore or activities to add to the calendar
  • 20 mini-essays from Sue Patterson on each of the topics
  • 20 pages of a Guided Workbook
  • Thought-provoking articles and videos for each topic - selected specifically with unschooling in mind
  • Pinterest links with even more to explore on every topic!
  • Inspiring quotes for each topic

If you're a DIY type, grab this guide - your own Unschooling Planner - and dive in!

Unschooling Guide: Critics
Unschooling Guide: Critics & Naysayers Intro


Critics and Naysayers

Are you dealing with an abundance of critics and naysayers? Maybe some of their criticisms are getting under your skin or possibly even resonating a little! Let's tackle this together.

In his issue of the Unschooling Guide:

• Your Home is Your Sanctuary
• When Critics are Friends
• When Critics are Family
• Helpful Responses
• When the Critic is Your Spouse
• Resources to help Reluctant Dads
• Conquering Your Own Inner Critic
• Ways to Support Kids when they run into Critics
• Guided Journaling pages
• Memes & Inspiration

If you're a DIY type, but you could still use some resources for conquering all this negativity, grab this guide and dive in!

What this Guide is About

Unschoolers and Writing

How DO unschoolers learn to write? This THIRTY page guide will help you explore the possibilities and see writing in a completely different way from how you learned in school!

Some of what's in this Unschooling Guide:
  • Creating a writing-friendly home
  • Ideas for supporting a home full of writers
  • Learning styles and writing
  • Searching for stories in the community
  • Your own relationship to writing
  • Ways YOU can explore and model writing more
  • Deschooling and writing
  • Reasons our kids may want to write
  • What if they don't?
  • My son's path from non-writer to a degree in Journalism
  • Practical suggestions for writing
  • Ideas about publishing kids' writing
  • Extra Resources and Research links
  • Fun and inspiring memes about writing


What About Socialization?

The single most asked question of homeschoolers and unschoolers is "What about Socialization?" This full color 25-page guide will address a variety of topics that weave in and out of this question:

  • Examining this concept of socialization
  • How to help your child develop social skills
  • What about community?
  • Social benefits of Unschooling
  • "Susie, You're Not Here to Socialize!" (yes, I mean me!)
  • Making Friends
  • And so much more!

"I was having such a hard time with the socialization issue... feeling so anxious. Then I read the Unschooling Guide about Socialization. A lot of my fears dissipated. And the journaling helped the most! I was able to uncover what was making me anxious about it, in our particular case. I still have a lot of deschooling to do, but I’m feeling so much more at ease now!" ~Daniela, Ecuador



"Am I Doing Enough?"

A common question from parents new to unschooling. Families may be concerned about educational activities, if their child has enough opportunities to explore and discover, or how the days are progressing. Parents waste a lot of time second-guessing themselves! This 24-page full-color Unschooling Guide will help you figure out if you're doing fine - or if you may need change things up a bit. Here are a few of the topics and how we'll walk you through this question:

  • Practical suggestions for changes at home
  • Paying attention to community influence
  • Do we need more structure?
  • Thinking about priorities
  • Helpful tips
  • Journal prompts
  • Additional articles and resources



Typical Unschooling Day

Many times new unschoolers or homeschoolers who are considering unschooling want someone to describe a typical unschooling day.  We can share tons of examples, but by no means are any of them "typical."  Unschooling, by it's very nature, is unique to each family and even unique to each child in the family.

Sometimes people suggest that an unschooling day is like a day in the summer - filled with potential for daydreams, explorations, and discovery. Or a Saturday morning filled with the hustle and bustle of everyone being together. Unschooling parents are tuned into their kids so they're aware of what kinds of opportunities might be of interest. They enjoy the role of tour guide, resource finder, and companions to their children.​ The options are endless.

Perhaps what's "typical" about unschoolers and their days is the parents' attitude about life and learning, prioritizing connection with their kids over academics or "supposed to's," and the desire to add something to their child's day that might make their eyes sparkle.

This Unschooling Guide holds even more for you to ponder along with the question of "Typical Days"

  • Looking at the personalities involved
  • Thinking about our homes
  • What's available in our communities
  • Why do we want to know more about other people's days?
  • Deschooling and Rethinking Subjects
  • Kids & structure
  • Journal prompts
  • Inspirational articles


The NOT Back To School Guide - by Sue Patterson
Creating confidence in unschooling and learning all the time!

It's (NOT) Back to School time, and for many of us, it's when the worries come up! I want to walk you through what may be a really uncomfortable season for you and/or the kids. You may be new at this and feeling under-confident in general. Or this may be something that pops up for you year after year. So let’s conquer this one together in this 25-page full-color guide.

We have a lot of opportunities for self-reflection this time. When fears and worries come up, we need to pull back the curtains and get a good look at what’s back there! I’m right here with you as we figure it all out!



Unschooling Guide - Learning to Read
Learning to Read

Learning to Read - Unschooling Guides by Sue Patterson
How Unschoolers Learn to Read - Without Lesson Plans, Curriculum, or Timelines

Wouldn't it be awesome to avoid the struggle of trying to teach reading to a child who often isn't ready or isn't interested? Unschooled kids do learn to read - yours can too!

Even if your child is already reading, this 25-page full-color guide contains prompts and suggestions to try, and Q&As from real unschooling parents who have been there. This guide will also help you in your own deschooling process. It’s amazing how many conditioned ideas lurk in the back of our minds. Reading through this guide and following the suggested links may dislodge some of those ideas that are no longer serving you.

You'll find:

  • Articles about Learning to Read from unschoolers around the world
  • How to create a pro-literacy environment in your home
  • The latest research on learning and teaching as it pertains to reading
  • Practical suggestions on pre-reading skill development through play
  • Ways to make your time with your child more enjoyable for both of you as they learn to read
  • Resources, links, and inspiration for parents




Learning Math

Learning Math - Unschooling Guides by Sue Patterson
How Unschoolers Learn About Math - Without Lesson Plans, Curriculum, or Timelines

How many times have I heard someone say, "I like unschooling - but we’re going to use a math curriculum...because, you know, it’s MATH!" This 30-page guide will ease your mind on the topic of unschooling math. Math is all around us, every single day. It’s just waiting for us to notice! I’d like to help you see that math is simply a beautiful language full of tools, and solutions to problems that are woven throughout our lives. Listen to unschooling voices who’ve written to help you understand that math is nothing to fear.





Technology & Unschoolers

Technology - Unschooling Guides by Sue Patterson
Fear About Our Kids' Access to Technology: How Much is "Too Much"?

Technology is one of those hot-button issues. It can spark all kinds of fear in parents! This 20-page guide will answer your questions, like:
Are they on their devices too much?
How much IS too much?
I want to be a good parent, but… what do I do?

One of the biggest things that can distract us from the joys of unschooling seems to be our kids’ use of technology. This guide is here to help you figure out what could work in your home.