Unschool Strewing Calendars

So Much to Celebrate!

Unschool Strewing Calendars are fabulous ways to spark a little creativity in your home!

The world is full of so many interesting things that we can sometimes miss!
Not anymore though!

Each month, we've identified something interesting about the day - from penguins to parfaits! You may find that your kids are reminding you of something special that needs to be celebrated ...all because they noticed it on the Unschool Strewing Calendar!

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Monthly Unschool Strewing Calendar:

A Few Fans of the Strewing Calendars...

"I love the new calendar format, Sue! I put it on the wall in my son's 'corner' and he actually noticed it! 🙂 We talked about it and added birthdays of family and friends. Planning a trip to the pizzeria on Saturday for Pizza Day!" ~Susan

"We 100% LOVE the calendar. I post it up somewhere my kids can see it and they look at it daily. We don’t always do something to celebrate the day, but it is one way we keep inspiration flowing." ~Becky

"Combined sewing machine day and flag day. Made homemade Tibetan Peace Flags while talking about what the real ones mean and touching on cultural appropriation and that our are a little symbolic tribute. And that our prayers of peace compassion wisdom and courage are flying in the breeze out into the world ❤ (I’m REALLY loving the strewing calendar 😂)" ~Holly

"We post it on our refrigerator. My youngest loves it. It also helps learning how a calendar works, numbers, days, months. The kids usually let me know if there is a day that is really interesting to them and we then do more related to that day. It makes things more fun and we all seem to enjoy it" ~ Elexis

"We love it! It’s fun to share with our friends what holiday it is too! We haven’t done much research on any of the days (except on how to talk like Yoda) but that doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed having a theme for the day or even a back-up plan. Thank you!" ~Angie

Join us and enjoy a little celebration every day!

Unschooling & STREWING

This Unschooling Guide about Strewing provides practical suggestions and ideas to incorporate strewing in your home!

Practical suggestions and ideas for how unschoolers use strewing in their homes
Unschool Strewing Calendar