Reluctant Spouses

You love the idea of unschooling, but your spouse isn't convinced it's the best option.

Maybe you've been joining groups and reading blogs and you're SOO onboard - it makes total sense. But he (though it's not always the "he") isn't interested in really reading much about it. After all, he's working extra hours so you can be a stay-at-home parent. Maybe.

But he comes home and wants to see what the kids have been working on - and no, he doesn't mean their Minecraft level advancement.
What SCHOOLISH thing have they done? And why are you all still in Pajamas??

Sound familiar?

Lots of unschooling families start out this way - so don't worry that this isn't going to work before you've even begun! Many experienced unschoolers are sharing what their journey looked like when their spouse wasn't that keen on unschooling - at first.

Over in the Unschooling Mom2Mom Facebook group, we shared ideas and SOLUTIONS for how to get through this.
You can read some of the ideas posted there.

Next week, we're going to see what the Unschooling community over on Instagram has to say about it.
Hop over to Instagram.

And if you're on neither of these other social media platforms, options are coming your way too!

I'm going to collect these ideas and create a webpage (possibly two) for Dads and for Parents who are having a hard time convincing their partner.

With that in mind, go to the comments below and share your success story!

You never know who may be in the same boat and just needs to hear a little encouragement from someone like them - YOU!


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