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Homeschool Coach or Unschooling Mentor?

Sue Patterson is available to a limited number of people who would like to have private coaching with regards to unschooling.

Sue works with parents who:

  • Recently removed their kids from schools
  • Are frustrated with the information overload that can sometimes come with this fabulous Internet
  • Question how unschooling can work in their family
  • Are nervous about whether they're competent to unschool
  • Worry that they'll screw up their kids' futures
  • Dread telling friends and family about this new approach
  • Tried homeschooling but found it sucked all the joy out of living and learning together

In just a few sessions, Sue can help you overcome all the obstacles that are standing in your way.  You can have the confidence you need to start your family's unique (and AWESOME!) unschooling adventure!

Sue is also available as your own
Unschooling Mentor.

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Sue took her three kids out of school in 1996 when it wasn't working out. It wasn't long before the curriculum fell away and they were off on unschooling adventures. Throughout the years, she overcame all sorts of fears and obstacles - this really wasn't the path she had envisioned. But looking back, she wouldn't change anything. And now she's available to share what worked and what didn't.

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Sue Patterson, Unschooling Coach

Is Coaching Necessary?

People may wonder if coaching is necessary. It's not.

This website is full of information and links to wonderful unschooling resources out on the internet. For those who are DIY-types, there's plenty to get you going. And if you add in our incredibly supportive UM2M Facebook Group, you can get your questions asked and answered.

In the end, the bottom line is that unschooling is an inside job. You, as parents will have to do the legwork and figure out from day to day what works, what needs tweaking, what didn't work, and what you have to let go of. Focusing on building your own foundation is critical to your unschooling success.

But for some, coaching is a good path toward building that foundation. Having a good mentor can help move you through obstacles more quickly.
Parents, who prefer a 1:1 experience often:

  • Prefer not to share their family info on the internet
  • Are lacking confidence or knowledge about how to unschool
  • Are feeling stuck in a pattern they'd like to be free from
  • Prefer to work with a guide or mentor who can share a lot of expertise in the area
  • Want to fast-track through some of the research needing to be done
  • Have a considerable amount of self-doubt and anxiety about choosing this alternative and need someone to help them sift through what's reasonable and what is not.

If this sounds like something you'd like to invest in, go ahead and jump on Sue's calendar. Let's get started!

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Join us and receive:

  • Weekly teleconference calls
  • Helpful resources and links
  • Support from a private community
  • Online coaching from Sue.


Yes! Just what I'm looking for!

Private Group Coaching

The internet has fabulous options but sometimes it can simply be TOO big. Many families find themselves somewhat isolated in their own local communities. Having an online support group is the next best thing to local folks! And while you may be working to create a local community for yourself and your children, you can get the support YOU need right away.

If you're looking for more connection and a little guidance through weekly group coaching calls, we have a wonderful private group that you can access for only $20/month.


For more information:

Private Membership Program

Chaos to Confidence DIY

You're ready to dive into all of this, but...um... now what?

This course will walk you through everything you need for a successful unschooling foundation!Each module has:

  • Learning about learning
  • Learning about unschooling
  • Deschooling
  • Facing Fears
  • Naysayers
  • Life vs. Subjects
  • Socialization
  • Identifying strengths
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Stress-Free Start

The PERFECT package for someone who wants to pack as much into one session as possible (so I extended it a little by a 1/2 hour and included a 30 minute follow-up session).
Sometimes you just need a little guidance to get started!

Clients receive:

  • Unique Family Questionnaire - this will give us both insights on how to tailor this package for your family
  • Stress-less 60 minute Strategy Session
  • My new PDF workbook: Starting off on the Right Foot
  • And a BONUS follow-up session for 30 minutes 2 weeks later

Let's remove the stress together - I can help you do that!

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Jumpstart Sessions

For those who are committed to the idea of homeschooling/unschooling and would like a little time to process the ideas we discuss in our sessions.

I'll help you identify your own goals for these sessions (although you may already know CLEARLY what you want help with!), then you choose 4 topics you'd like to work on:

  • Gain confidence in your unschooling decision
  • Getting creative with learning
  • "How do I motivate these kids?"
  • "What about gaps?"
  • Teenage years
  • Dealing with family/friends who oppose the idea
  • Conquering your own fears and obstacles
  • Finding fabulous resources
  • Something else you'd like to work through? Let's do it!
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Need a Quick Call?

Sometimes, 30 minutes on the phone with someone who's been there is all you need. That's an option too - it's only $50!

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