Thursday – Creating Community (1)

2 thoughts on “Thursday – Creating Community (1)

  1. Jo Benincasa says:

    My wife is the reluctant one. Since I have to work more often during the day, I’m kind of stuck. She has a pretty adamant stance about it, and I’m at a loss where to start. She got mad at me for even bringing up the idea to our kids.

    • Unschooling Mom2Mom says:

      I get it about not bringing it up to the kids, when she isn’t willing to participate. They’ll want to and it kinda turns into an Ambush Mom scenario.

      Maybe you could go on a date (without the kids) with the plan to have a real conversation about it.
      What does she think it will look like? What does she not want to do? Would there be ways she could have what she wants AND you could too?
      If you could find out what she’s worried about, then you have a better chance of helping her see if her fear is rational… or not so much.

      Or… you could simply bide your time. You didn’t mention how old your kids are, but the longer kids are in school, something could happen that she would decide… ok. Enough is enough. And if you haven’t turned it into a power struggle, she might be more inclined to explore the option WITH you. If it’s a power struggle that works against you. Better to say, “Ok.. the kids are pretty happy for now. I can see your point. I won’t keep badgering you about it.” It’s interesting how people want to be heard. And partnering WITH her on this, will help you understand more about partnering with the kids.

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