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Unschooling Mom2Mom

Unschooling Mom2Mom offers a fabulous closed group full of experienced and veteran unschooling moms willing to share information and help you on your unschooling journey. Even though it's a large group, parents can get answers to very specific questions they have about how to actually unschool their kids.


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Radical Parenting

Unschooling Mom2Mom offers a group that will help you apply unschooling principles to parenting. If you're looking for a non-punitive relationship-based approach, this is the group for you. We help parents apply radical unschooling principles to family issues like chores, food choices, technology use, etc.
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More about Radical Unschooling here.

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Unschooling Mom2Mom

Our FB Community Page shares articles about learning, parenting and unschooling, as well as memes, blogposts, links and graphics. "Like" this page and "share" whenever possible - help more families embrace unschooling!

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Unschooling Mom2Mom

Instagram is so fun! I love seeing other unschooling moms and dads over there! If you're an Instagram fan, be sure to follow ours. Watch for inspiring graphs daily.

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Another awesome way to stay connected. If you're loving Pinterest, be sure to check out the UMom2Mom boards! We have inspiring pins for unschooling parents - and for those who might just be considering unschooling. We've even included fun creative ways kids can learn all kinds of things.
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