UM2M Wrap-Ups via Email!

If the Facebook groups are too busy for you - or you just don't want to spend hours scrolling through to find what you need - we have a solution!
Each week, we send out an email identifying the topic threads and giving links to the discussion that happened in the two groups.

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Social Media/Facebook Group

Unschooling Mom2Mom

Unschooling Mom2Mom offers a fabulous closed group full of experienced unschooling moms sharing information and help you on your unschooling journey.
If the group is too big for your tastes, be sure to sign up for the Weekly Wrap-Up - an email giving the topics that were discussed each week as well as a link to that thread.

Social Media/Facebook Group

Radical Parenting

Unschooling Mom2Mom offers a group that will help you apply unschooling principles to parenting. If you're looking for a non-punitive relationship-based approach, this is the group for you. We help parents apply radical unschooling principles to family issues like chores, food choices, technology use, etc. (the hard stuff!)
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More about Radical Unschooling here.

Social Media/Facebook Page

Unschooling Mom2Mom

Our FB Community Page shares articles about learning, parenting and unschooling, as well as memes, blogposts, links and graphics. "Like" this page and "share" whenever possible - help more families embrace unschooling!

Unschooling Mom2Mom PAGE

Social Media/ Instagram

Unschooling Mom2Mom

Instagram is so fun! I love seeing other unschooling moms and dads over there! If you're an Instagram fan, be sure to follow ours. Watch for inspiring graphs daily.

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Social Media/ Pinterest


Another awesome way to stay connected. If you're loving Pinterest, be sure to check out the UMom2Mom boards! We have inspiring pins for unschooling parents - and for those who might just be considering unschooling. We've even included fun creative ways kids can learn all kinds of things.
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