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Unschooling Your Teens

This FB page shares articles, resources and links specifically for parents of teens.


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My Unschooler Is Interested In...

When you're looking for more resources on a particular topic, this group can help.

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Unschooling Special Needs

Over 4500 members share personal experiences that can help you with a variety of different special needs issues.

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Creative Unschooling Kids

Do your kids want to share what they are doing? Share drawings, youtube videos, crafts, blogs, poems or whatever art your child wants to show the world. 

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Unschoolers: Interested and Interesting

For posting cool stuff you think other unschoolers will enjoy. No curriculum. No ads. No local or regional events. No debates. 

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Unschooling Gamers

For UNschooling gamers of all ages. This group supports unschooling families with gamers by helping the parents and/or kids to connect and chat and share information.

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Minecraft for Parents

Lots of parents struggle with figuring out how Minecraft works. This group may be helpful. Also, if you join the main Unschooling Mom2Mom group, we have a thread about Minecraft, where kids can get connected, etc. (This link will only work if you're a member of our group).

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Grown Unschooler Opportunity Network

A network for grown unschoolers (ages 18 to 20-something) to find new work, volunteering, travel, and other exciting opportunities.

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Additionally, our Unschooling Mom2Mom group members have shared some more favorites that might interest you ... not necessarily unschooling-only, but helpful.