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January Monthly Unschooling Guide

"Sue, it's hard to express how grateful I am to you for putting out this guide. I am transitioning from a hardcore curriculum junkie into unschooling. And this is EXACTLY the scaffolding that I need."         ~Adrienne

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 The Monthly Unschooling Guide

If your confidence or creativity is lagging, this monthly guide is EXACTLY what you need!  I'm sharing 20+ years of files and links to articles, blogposts, videos and podcasts that I've collected.
I can be such a hoarder sometimes! lol

Each month, I'll send resources to help you with unschooling/deschooling, parenting, and your kids.

Originally, I was going to make this primarily for new unschoolers. But, really, anyone who would like a few extra ideas for the month or could use some help with keeping an unschooling focus front and center will like the Monthly Unschooling Guide.

And now! I'm adding in more!

Starting with this November issue, I'm offering a Facebook group for subscribers. I'll hop in there periodically and help you with reminders and nudges - all to keep this idea of creating a stronger unschooling foundation in the front of your mind. It can be your own private "Accountability Group."


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Want a Sneak Peak at the Monthly Unschooling Guide?

I did a walk-through of the October issue over on IGTV! But I can show you right here:


December 2018

This Issue Includes:

  • Permission to Skip!
  • Winter Fun Activities
  • Identifying Communitie Activities
  • Daily Holidays/Celebrations
  • Building an Unschooling Nest!
  • Deschooling Articles/Worksheets
  • Unschooling Articles
  • Parenting Videos
  • Working Through Stress Worksheets
  • Kids and their Favorite Holiday Activities
  • New Year's Eve Suggestion!
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Read an overview of what's in the December Monthly Unschooling Guide HERE


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