HSC Conference 2018

HSC Conference 2018

Are you going? 

If you are, be sure to meet us on Friday night at the Gateway Foyer! It's always fun to meet people face-to-face, when we've known them online.

AND! We'll all be able to find each other easily because of the super-cool earrings that Roya Dedeaux is making! Sunflowers!

I'll also have some Sunflower stickers for Unschooling Mom2Mom group members to stick onto their badge.


We need to be able to find our unschooling people!



The Earrings

Grab them while you can! Roya has them at her RoyaBoya etsy store.

Use the coupon code Mom2Mom for 20% off!!!!



Unschooling Mom2Mom Admin = Conference Speakers

A few of our Unschooling Mom2Mom group members will be speaking at the conference.
Several of our moderators will be there, so be sure to reach out to all of us!

Sue Patterson - 6-2018

Sue Patterson

UM2M Meet-Up
Friday, Aug. 10
6-7 p.m.
Gateway Foyer
Talk 1:
New Unschoolers
Getting School Out of Your Head
Saturday, Aug.11

Talk 2:
Unschooling Teens
Is it a good idea?
Sunday Aug. 12
Silicon Valley

Unschooling Panel
3:00 pm

Roya Dedeaux

Roya Dedeaux

All 4 Days
Talk 1:
Protecting Their Passions
Friday, Aug. 10
12:30 p
Silicon Valley
Talk 2:
Protecting Their Passions (part 2)
Saturday, Aug. 11
12:30 p
Silicon Valley

Look for Other Unschooling Mom2Mom Peeps!

Pam Sorooshian

Julie Schiffman

Krisula Moyer

Rose Sorooshian-Harrington

Lainie Liberti


...way more that I can't list them all!
(Message me if you want me to add your name to the list!)