An Unschooling Challenge!

We've all read about the benefits of cultivating a life full of gratitude. Yet, we struggle with it. We let life sweep us away.
So let's set aside a few minutes each day to create some new habits and shift our attitude toward gratitude!

Here's what we're going to do:


Free 30-Day Challenge!

Unschooling Gratitude Challenge 

Take charge of how you're thinking!
~ Model for Your Kids
~Improve Your Mood
~Connect with Other Unschoolers
~ Change Your Life!

Here's what you'll receive!

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Daily Emails from Sue

Encouraging reminders each day to help keep you on track as you create this new habit of gratitude.


November Themes

Self-care Habits
Connecting with Kids
Encouraging Curiosity
Community Building
Find Learning
Enjoying Life!


Private Community

Let's support each other as we shift our perspective to gratitude in a private Facebook community full of other parents who want to do the same thing!!

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