Anti-Racism Resources



Over in the Facebook thread, we asked these questions.
  1. One thing YOU are going to do to help create a change.
  2. How are you talking about racism with your children?
  3. What areas have you seen that need additional funding to help the situation?
  4. What resources have you found that helps white people become more educated about systemic racism?
  5. What suggestions have you seen that help us know how/where to make improvements?
  6. What books/resources have you found that help your children understand the problem of racism, and what to do when they see it?
  7. What books/resources have you found that help your child understand the perspectives of People of Color (POC)?

Including the Kids

We teach our kids to stand up to bullies - even if it’s scary. We have to do the same.

As Unschoolers, and as the COVID restrictions begin to lift, we are out in the communities with our children. How can we help make it safer for black and brown skinned people?

Let’s start by making it safer for POC within our online unschooling community here. We'll share the resources we've gathered so we can all learn more.


After being glued to the coverage of protests and riots in various U.S. cities, it’s impossible to just go on in here ignoring what’s happening in the world and only focusing on unschooling. It's horrible that we have stayed quiet when we've all seen atrocities committed.

“No one is free until we are all free.” ~MLK


I am no expert in race relations. I’ve grown up as a white person. But I’m always learning. And, yes, I will undoubtedly make mistakes. But I will continue to try to make the world a better place for EVERYONE.

Since so many of us use these UnschoolingMom2Mom social media platforms, we started a discussion in the 31K person FB group. You're welcome to join us there - just look for this same photo for the thread.

Right now, people of color need us to acknowledge a few things:
  • Everyone is equal regardless of skin color
  • Systemic racism has permeated our society.
  • I, and other white people have had privileges and advantages because of racism that we may not even realize are happening.
  • It’s up to those of us with privilege to help those who have been oppressed by racism.
  • Staying silent is part of the problem - possibly one of the worst things we can do.
For those of you who are hurting, we see you and we hear you. If there are specific areas you’d like more help or if I’m missing something and we need to make a change, I'm open to suggestions!


Anti-Racism Resources

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