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The UM2M Approach

When we first started Unschooling Mom2Mom, I knew we wanted to create a safer place online for people to ask questions and get answers. After 20 years in the homeschooling/unschooling community, I had crossed paths with plenty of people who'd be willing to help talk to people about their concerns.

The internet can be a wild and wooly place and sometimes people forget how vulnerable a mom can feel when she asks a question.  That new person may ask something that other unschoolers have heard over and over again.  The only way she can really hear the answers is if she is dealt with a little compassion.

We remember what it was like to want something better for our kids and not know who to turn to. Unschooling Mom2Mom is the place to go.  Here at the website, on our FB group, and through all of our social media options.

Our Story

Our Unschooling Mom2Mom group started in August 2014.  Since then, we've grown to nearly 20K members!  We have an awesome collection of really knowledgeable - and very kind - experienced and veteran unschooling moms who help new people figure out get started with unschooling and how to overcome their own obstacles.

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Meet the UM2M Team

While Sue runs this website, she has a fabulous team of people who help with the administration of the Facebook groups.
Would you like to meet them?

Unschooling Mentor, Homeschool Coach

Sue Patterson

Founder & Website Host

Sue Patterson started homeschooling her three children in 1996. After a year or so of curriculum, they began their unschooling journey. She has been active in the homeschooling/ unschooling community for over 20 years and has much to share. Her children are off on their own adventures now, happy to have had such a wonderful childhood and fully prepared for their adult life.
Sue now offers coaching/mentoring to families around the world.
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Pam Sorooshian


Pam Sorooshian – mom to three wonderful daughters, Roya (32), Roxana (29), and Rosie (26), and wife to my fantastic husband, Cyrus, and grandmother to (of course) the most perfect little babies in the world – Wyatt & Lilyanne.

An unschooling advocate and college economics teacher, Pam is active with the state organization in California, HSC, since 1995. She currently serves on the board of directors.  She listens to a lot of audible books, drink a lot of (decaf) coffee, and love to play games.

Pam also runs the Unschooling California Facebook Group. She has spoken about unschooling at conferences in South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, Washington, Arizona, Massachusetts, and all over California.

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Our Facebook Admin Team!

Our Facebook groups require a team of people to manage behind the scenes. We couldn't do it without this fabulous unschooling mamas!

Julie Schiffman

Julie Schiffman


Julie is an experienced unschooling mom from Marin County, California. Also active with her state group, HSC, Julie is mom to 2 energetic fabulous little boys.


Natasha Allan-Zaky


Natasha is an experienced unschooling mom from Ontario, Canada. She writes about unconditional love & radical unschooling Follow the Joy.

Crystal Jeffers

Crystal Jeffers


Crystal is an experienced unschooler from North Carolina. Active in several unschooling groups over the years, she is also remodeling an historic home, unschooling her own teens/preteens, and enjoying a busy family life.


Krisula Moyer


Krisula is an experienced unschooling mom from Huntington Beach, California. She is active in her state organization, HSC.

Encouraging words?

If the website has been helpful or you're thrilled to be participating in our Facebook groups, we'd love to hear from you!