WHY Did You Start Unschooling?

When people are considering whether or not to unschool their children, they often try visualizing what that will look like. They listen to stories of families who’ve chosen this method of home education and try to imagine if this could be their lifestyle!

This Unschooling Mom2Mom website is full of ways to help parents figure out HOW to unschool.

But what about WHY families make this choice?

Over in the Facebook group, families are sharing their own “whys” for what led them to this path. Let’s share here too!

People choose to unschool for so many different reasons!! Share your reason your family chose to unschool in the comments below. It may be just the story someone needs to read to help them make the leap!

P.S. If you’re considering unschooling, we have a section here at the website just for you:

Help for those Considering Unschooling

2 thoughts on “WHY Did You Start Unschooling?”

  1. We started homeschooling 3 years ago when my oldest turned 6 (Kindergarten age). I started out thinking I would be one of those moms who would use a curriculum and follow it everyday. I quickly realized that was impossible for us and not in any way free. Ultimately, we homeschooled for the freedom. So, we have taken full advantage of freedom and have let go of all traditional expectations of teaching, learning and ultimately what education means. I have made a strong effort to surround myself with like minded people who view our lives as our learning . Having people around who trust this process has made our life journey far more rich than any curriculum could have. We feel so fortunate to have found our way to unschooling that we think of it as the “best kept secret”, except that we tell everyone how wonderfully brilliant it is!

  2. We started unschooling as a renaming for chronic illness. I had to bring my youngest home from school due to his developing OCD. As I researched more and more I discovered what a great fit unschooling is for those with chronic illness. It allows flexibility for the day to day changing needs and it brings so much light into our lives both on an activity level and also in a way of looking as we overcome anxious thoughts. In fact we looked like we were having so much fun, my eldest decided he wanted to leave school and join us! We have now been happily unschooling for nearly two years and as so many people discover, it has migrated into all areas of our lives, where we live with respect for each other and flexibility and light. As strange as it sounds, we are thankful in one way that my son became ill because our lives have changed completely for the better!

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